Széchenyi University doctoral students Katalin Darabos, Elza Saitova, Enikő Varga, Lászlo Szendrődi, Attila Sóti, Zoltán Dobra spent a few days with 220 researchers and professors from all over the world to gain and share the knowledge about decision sciences in a connected world during the 10th Annual European Decision Sciences Institute conference in Nottingham, UK between the 2th and 5th of June.


Welcome recepction at the EDSI in Notthingham
A.Soti, L.Szendrődi, E.Varga, K.Darabos, E.Süle, Gy. Vastag, E. Saitova

There were several keynote speakers including the power of social networks and seeking best suppliers as a practical application of decision science. We learned a lot about future challenges of supply chain management in the automotive industry.


Cross-correlations between stock market and Twitter data in connection with soccer clubs
Presentation by A.Soti

The doctoral students participated in tutorials, panel discussions, meet the editors session and workshops. Additionally, all the doctoral students presented own researches in different fields of decision science, including supply chain and operations, digital transformation, industry 4.0, and special session about sustainability and circular economy.


Human side of Industry 4.0 – an empirical study of a human-machine Interaction
Presentation by Z.Dobra

The Professors and Committee members of SZEEDS program Professor Carmela Di Mauro, Professor Markku Kuula, Professor Gyula Vastag were chairing some of the sessions and panel discussions.



Understanding selection of organic farming as a second curve with two methods
Presentation by E.Varga

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