Upcoming conference on the 16-17th of June, 2022

Conference link: https://scitope.com/hcr22/

In the reality of corporations, well-structured processes are, or at least should be, regulated as and by machine algorithms.  In contrast, ill-structured processes are regulated by the human mind.  “Neo-Taylorians”, i.e. those who share Taylor’s beliefs in the machine metaphor of organizing, are excited by AI, finally the time has come to make all processes well-structured, the corporation will finally look like a machine.  In contrast, the “Neo-Luddites” want to get rid of computers in all organizing processes and put the human mind in charge.  We see a new hybrid corporate reality, in which, some processes are regulated by the human mind while others by a machine algorithm, and it is even possible that the same process is sometimes regulated by the human mind and at other times by a machine algorithm. The knowledge-based theory of the firm needs to integrate a cognitivist approach. This cognitive approach of the sustainability of a firm is founded on the ability to align knowledge internally within the firm as well as externally with its stakeholders. The overall goal is to discover new cognitive capabilities in this blendned combitination of human and technology within corporate environment.

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