From May 2nd to 6th, several SzEEDSM doctoral program members : László Buics, Zoltán Hima, Zoltán Dobra and Padmaka Mirihagalla, together with Prof. Gyula Vastag, Prof. Tamás Dusek and Edit Süle – sponsored by PADS – participated on the 30th POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) Annual Conference in Washington D.C., USA.


Zoltán Dobra, Zoltán Hima, László Buics,  Edit Süle, Prof. Tamás Dusek and Padmaka Mirihagalla

The conference was intended to bring together researchers from all around the world to share their individual research work on recent and future trends on Production and Operations Management.


Padmaka Mirihagalla, Prof. Gyula Vastag, Prof, Markku Kuula, László Buics,  Prof. Tamás Dusek and Zoltán Hima

More than two thousand researchers, professors, post-doctoral scholars and doctoral students participated on the conference and presented their latest research results and future research plans.

Zoltán Hima
presenting his research on the role of Blockchain in Taxation

László Buics
presenting his research on the Servitization of Administrative Public Services in Hungary

Zoltán Dobra
presenting his research on Human side of Industry 4.0

Padmaka Mirihagalla
presenting his research on Conceptually Predicting Impact of AI on Finance

The conference was four days long and it was supported by several universities, including Széchenyi István University as a Platinum level sponsor of this extraordinary event.

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