In November 2019, several PhD Students from the Doctoral Program of Széchenyi István University (László Buics, Zoltán Dobra, Attila Sóti, László Szendrői, Máté Tóth, Enikő Varga, Padmaka Mirihagalla) had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans, USA and participate in the 50th Annual Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute. The theme of the conference was „Transforming Decision Sciences Through Emergent Technologies”.


SzEEDSM PhD Students at the DSI Conference in New Orleans
Padmaka Mirihagalla, László Szendrői, Máté Tóth, László Buics, Enikő Varga, Attila Sóti, Zoltán Dobra

The conference was very useful for the students in many ways. First of all, they were able to share their knowledge and research to other scholars and professionals. Therefore, they could also manage to obtain useful contacts in their research field which they can exploit in the future.


László Buics: Servitization of Hungarian Public Services with Process Management


Zoltán Dobra: Objective Measurement of the Trust, Safety, Performance Development in Case of Human-Machine Collaboration


Attila Sóti: Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Messages Connected to Soccer Clubs

The students presented their results in different sections and received feedback on their research. Listening the different keynote speakers, participating in several workshops and panel discussions also helped them to meet experts from academia, and deepen their knowledge in different fields of research.


László Szendrői: Gamification in Entrepreneurial Education: Highlighting Major Concerns through a Systematic Mapping Study


Máté Tóth: Implied Systemic Risks Indicators in Public Administration


Enikő Varga: Succession Decisions in Family Owned Business

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