The University of Udine (in collaboration with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) will host the 9th Annual Conference of the European Decision Science Institute (EDSI). It will be held in Udine and Venice from June 3rd to June 6th 2018. European DSI conferences foster interdisciplinary research, providing a platform for exchange of research and experiences from all disciplines relevant to decision making and decision processes.

The chosen conference theme is: “Decision Sciences for the New Global Economy”.
Few decades of rapid globalization processes have dismantled previous business and institutional landscapes without proposing new effective orders. The horizon in front of us is confused: high disparities in wealth distribution, vulnerability of real economies to the movements of the financial markets, instability of the location advantages, and a generalized unemployment problem with relevant social sustainability consequences. The difficulty of governing processes that overcome the sovereignty of individual countries, and the weakness of supranational governments, explain why protectionist temptations are resurfacing not only in the Western context.
We live then a transition phase where companies and institutions are urged to rethink the conceptual models and the decision patterns so far used. The theme of the conference aims at exploring the future of globalization as we know it today, re-assessing the underlying theories and the relevant practices in both institutional and business environments, and providing innovative guidance to managerial and policy issues.

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