Admission Process


Admission information for PhD candidates 2020/2021

(1) Admission to the doctoral program is organized through the annual admission process. Students can apply two ways:

(2) Applications to the doctoral program have to be submitted to the secretary of the doctoral school by the announced deadline. The application must include a fully completed application form and proof of payment of the administration fee.

(3) Degrees earned abroad have to be accepted in accordance to the applicable law before applying. Those university students that will be writing their final exam after the application deadline must enclose a copy of their transcripts with the application form. The admission of these students is conditional.

(4) The application deadline this year is noon (CET), August 15, 2020. In the admission process the applicant has to choose a specialization (Management or Transdisciplinarity).

(5) Admission interviews, tipically, are conducted once a year in mid-June. The exact date and place are determined by the Doctoral Council. The secretary of the doctoral school will notify the candidates about the exact date and time of the admission interview (admission interviews via Skype are also possible).

(6) The admission interviews are free-flowing conversations, lasting up to an hour per applicant, where the admission committee tries to get to know the person behind the many data and details we have on file. The admission interview is also a forum where the applicants can defend and clarify their views and convince committee members about their research proposals. The committee attempts to assess the applicants’ fit and judge their future success with the program. In its evaluation, the committee considers four broad categories: prior education/experience and recommendations, cover letter (explaining the applicants view about how the program impacts their career), and the committee’s assessment and impressions during the interview.

(7) Regarding the SzEEDSM program the admission committee will evaluate the candidates according to the following general principles (max. points 100):

Prior education/experience and recommendations max. 40 points
Cover letter max. 20 points
Admission interview max. 40 points

(8) The candidates will be ranked by the Admission Committee and the Doctoral Council will make the final  acceptance/rejections decisions. Accepted candidates may be offered various scholarships, e.g., Hungarian state scholarship or scholarship offered by benefactors.

(9) The Program Director will inform the candidates in writing and by email.

(10) Tuition ranges from €1,500 (one thousand five hundred) to €5,000 (five thousand)/semester/person depending on the applicant’s qualification and the country of origin (EU or non-EU countries). Applicants from Non-EU countries are required to pay the fee for the first two semesters after the successful admission exam. The tuition includes the costs of all teaching materials. Successful applicants may be considered for PADME or National/State scholarships, the latter for Hungarian citizens pursuing an academic career. In the first semester (after  the successful admission), PADME scholarships are net HUF 1.8 million. In the successive semesters of the curriculum, scholarships are performance based. Students can get scholarships in the following categories:  net HUF 1.8 million, net HUF 1.2 million, net HUF 600.000 (about € 5,600, € 3,700, € 1,800, respectively) for the semester.  After the successful comprehensive examination students get net HUF 1.8 million. Research activities (conference presentations and publications) are also generously supported.
Those Hungarian citizens, who are interested in pursuing an academic career may also be considered for state scholarships.


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