The Széll Kálmán College of Economics and Data Science is open for admisson for bachelor, master and phd students.

For more information please visit the following link, and see bellow the call for application:


Data is a resource that is essential for every organization to use effectively today. Due to increasing digitalization, data science is one of the most emerging multidisciplinary disciplines, combining the tools of mathematics, statistics, and informatics to enable scientific approaches, procedures, and algorithms to explore relationships more deeply and extract useful information from even large databases.

The Széll Kálmán College of Economics and Data Science was established at the Széchenyi István University with the support of the Digital Welfare Program and the National Knowledge Center for Data Economics with the aim of building a unique community that offers development opportunities for economics students interested in data science and data asset management.

The College is open to students from all over the country, so students from any Hungarian higher education institution can join. The aim of the College is to provide more professionals in the future who, with a wide range of data science tools, can think and research at a high level about data, data economy, data asset enrichment and utilization, thus contributing to the development of data-intensive industries.


What does the Széll Kálmán College of Economic and Data Science can offer you?

  • opportunity to join from any university of the country
  • talent management
  • mentoring support for academic student workshops (TDK)
  • developing language skills
  • community building
  • participation in research and publication activities
  • professional lectures and trainings online
  • skills development

If you are interested in our College, you are welcome to apply at the following email address:


Dr. László Buics
Program Director
Széll Kálmán College of Economics and Data Science

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