Location: ÚT 230, Széchenyi University, Győr 17:00-19:00, Monday, March 26, 2018

Dear All:

It is with great pleasure to invite you to Mr. Thomas Ladinig’s presentation of

Improving Competitive Priorities in a Causally Ambiguious Environment

Modern manufacturing systems and supply chains are characterized by increased complexity and dynamics, which makes it difficult for managers, or groups of managers, to fully understand the impact of their decisions on the overall system or network. I observed this during my work at the Tool Making Business Unit of Audi Hungaria, where a lack of information and many new processes created ambiguity about the consequences of process improvement options. Therefore, new projects were initiated to help the business unit’s management in selecting the most important improvement projects and to improve the system in the most efficient and effective way. The overarching specific goals were to improve the business unit’s two most important competitive priorities of throughput time and quality. The theoretical foundation of the above decision support system is based on three main bodies of literature: Behavioral Operations Management (BOM), Social Judgment Theory (SJT) and Program Evaluation (PE). BOM and SJT are combined in the Lens Model to compare results of a discrete event simulation analysis with the judgments of the management team regarding options to reduce the business unit’s throughput time. A Program Evaluation framework, most notably Concept Mapping was used to create an action proposal for improving the business unit’s quality. This presentation gives an overview about the above projects conducted at Audi Hungaria, it presents the outline of three papers based on this empirical base and ties them together in a thesis proposal draft.

The purpose of the presentation is to fulfil the requirements of the “PhD Seminar: Report on the Progress of PhD Studies” course.

17:00-17:30 Welcome; snacks and refreshments will be provided

17:30-19:00 Presentation and Q/A session


Gyula Vastag

Professor, Program Director

Széchenyi University’s Doctoral Program in Management (SzEEDSM)

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