Gauri Shankar Gupta is one our newest PhD students, he has served as India’s Ambassador to Mongolia, Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina before he decided to join our doctoral program. He has also served as High Commissioner of India to Trinidad and Tobago, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada and Montserrat. He is a writer and a poet, published six books and also contributed many articles on foreign policy issues and has presided over many conferences. Presently, he is engaged in research on environmental issues.

Presently he is engaged in research on environmental degradation and ancient wisdom, his newest book, Limits of Consumption – Environmental Degradation and Ancient Wisdom states that the degradation of the environment and climate change are the most important challenges facing humanity. Based on comprehensive research, this book attempts to bring out the ground realities and the wisdom of our ancestors in a concise and coherent manner to mitigate this serious threat to humanity.

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