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Tuition ranges from €1,500 (one thousand five hundred) to €5,000 (five thousand)/semester/person depending on the applicant’s qualification and the country of origin (EU or non-EU countries). Applicants from Non-EU countries are required to pay the fee for the first two semesters after the successful admission exam. The tuition includes the costs of all teaching materials. Successful applicants may be considered for PADME or National/State scholarships, the latter for Hungarian citizens pursuing an academic career. In the first semester (after  the successful admission), PADME scholarships are net HUF 1.8 million. In the successive semesters of the curriculum, scholarships are performance based. Students can get scholarships in the following categories:  net HUF 1.8 million, net HUF 1.2 million, net HUF 600.000 (about € 5,600, € 3,700, € 1,800, respectively) for the semester.  After the successful comprehensive examination students in their first active semester can get net HUF 1.8 million. Research activities (conference presentations and publications) are also generously supported.
Those Hungarian citizens, who are interested in pursuing an academic career may also be considered for state scholarships.

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