On 17th and 18th of May 2019, the SzEEDSM doctoral program closed the 2018/2019/2 Spring academic semester at Széchenyi István University with a Publishing Workshop. Students, lecturers and invited guests participated on the event together and several editors of highly ranked international journals were invited to act as reviewers and share their thoughts and experiences about publishing in international journals.



Professor Gyula Vastag, director of SzEEDSM doctoral program, opens the Publication Workshop

During the first day of the workshop Professor Michael J. Ginzberg, who has over 30 years of experience in leadership positions of major research universities, delivered an important presentation. He talked about “‘N’ Things to Consider as a Doctoral Student” and mentioned that fundamental questions like “Why to earn a doctorate?” or “What will students do with it?” are often left unanswered or not even asked during their doctoral studies.



Professor Michael J. Ginzberg presenting about “‘N’ Things to Consider as a Doctoral Student”

On the second day first and second year students had the opportunity to receive feedback from the reviewer committees regarding their student assessment papers for the benefit of their future publication efforts. Each committee consisted of four members led by a representative of an international journal like follows: Prof. Peter Kelle (North-American Editor of the International Journal of Production Economics), Dr. Viktor Dörfler (Associate Editor of Management Learning), Prof. Martina Huemann (Editor of the International Journal of Project Management), Dr. Ioannis Thanos (Associate Editor of the European Management Journal) and Prof. Carmela Di Mauro (Associate Editor of Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management).

Professor Peter Kelle

Dr. Viktor Dörfler

Professor Carmela Di Mauro

Professor Andrew Gross

During the Publishing Workshop the presenters shared important information with the doctoral students and talked about publication practices, tips and tricks, and avoidable mistakes during the publication process.

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