The Ludovika Research Group Servitization of Public Services started its work on 8 of August 2017 at the National University of Public Service with several universities in cooperation (Széchenyi István University, Aalto University) in a new project called “Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance”.

The members of the research group organized and participated on a workshop in Budapest between 4 and 5 of October 2018, which focused primarily on the development of public service delivery at the level of state administration and local government, and the capacity building of public administration bodies and the improvement of the quality and efficiency of services.

Professor Piná Lalli, dean of the University of Bologna, presented the challenges of the Italian public administration system while professor Antero Putkiranta from Metropolia University of Helsinki and Markku Kuula from Aalto University presented the current situation of public services in Finland and Gyula Vastag, the leader of the research group described the “Concept Mapping” methodology and its application in the comparative analyzes between countries.

Viktor Kovács and László Buics presented a simulation software, and Boglárka Eisinger and László Buics described the development possibilities and problems of the Hungarian guardianship processes while Ágnes Jenei’s presentation was about customer satisfaction, Kinga Szabó spoke about the possibilities of application of the “Service Sharing” model in the public administration and Éva Kovács outlined the collaborative public service models.

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