The Ludovika Research Group Servitization of Public Services started its work on 8 of August 2017 at the National University of Public Service with several universities in cooperation (Széchenyi István University, Aalto University, Selye János University)  in a new project called “Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance”.

The members of the research group participated on a workshop in Helsinki between 5 and 8 of February 2018. During this time the researchers visited the Aalto University where they presented the current state of the project and discussed the further development goals with the foreign colleagues. After that they visited the institutions of Service Center Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki where they got acquainted with the work of local experts and the latest state-of-the-art development projects that use digitization and smart technologies to raise the level of public services in Helsinki in order to meet 21st century challenges and expectations.

From left to right: Hanna Hämäläinen (designer, Service Centre Helsinki), Prof. Dr. Markku Kuula (Aalto University), Jukka Paldanius (system designer, Service Centre Helsinki), Prof. Dr. Gyula Vastag(Széchenyi István University), László Buics (Széchenyi István University),Dr. Ágnes Jenei (National University of Public Service), Dr. Antero Putkiranta ( Metropolia University) in Service Centre Helsinki.

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