On the 17th of February the SzEEDSM Program Management conducted the Final Dissertation Defense of Zoltán Dobra where Mr Dobra successfully defended his dissertation. (Title of the PhD thesis: Measuring the complexity inherent in robot-human interaction)

The aim of this dissertation is to give an overall picture about the human robot collaboration through a detailed literature review, identify potential research possibilities and gap in literature, familiarize with object detection technology, determine management view on human robot collaboration, describe methodology of the objective judgement of the human robot collaboration, apply in a real collaboration and as a sample evaluate it.

Human-robot collaboration, a new application, is increasing and facilitating collaboration without fences, cages or any kind of separation. Complexity level of implementation is relative low and as a smart working has an “easy adaptation” in the complexity of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Committee was pleased by the quality and understandability of the thesis.


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