SzEEDSM Doctoral Program in Business Administration of Széchenyi University’s invites applications for 2020/2021.

The SzEEDSM Doctoral Program provides an English-language mediated education to both Hungarian and international students offering two forks of the doctoral training. The Management Specialization focuses on various fields of business administration, while the Transdiciplinarity Specialization aims at opening novel perspectives on current issues in business administration under complex economic and social circumstances by directing attention to problem solving and decision making.

The ideal incoming cohort has Master’s Degree in a relevant field, appropriate level of work experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Practitioners wishing to enhance their expertise are also encouraged to apply.

Application deadline is August 15, 2020, 12:00 CET.

Date of Admission: 2020.08.28.

Application requirements are available at the program’s webpage: Admission

Application sheet is available at the following webpage: Apply

Registration fee: HUF 9000 should be paid via Bank transfer for the admission interview, HUF 32500 should be paid for the comprehensive exam. (Bank account owner: Széchenyi István Egyetem, Bank account number: 10033001-01426706-00000000, announcement: name of the applicant, 37-3022-03)

SzEEDSM instructors, in addition to faculty members of the Doctoral School of Regional Economics and Business Administration, include internationally recognized scholars even some academic superstars and visiting professors. Classes will be held both in Győr and in Budapest.

The goal of SzEEDSM is to enable PhD candidates to become leaders of change in their communities both in academia and in practice by offering them, with the active participation of noted international scholars, a program that is up-to global standards.

Cost:  €1,500 (one thousand five hundred)/semester/person; for non-EU countries: €5,000 (five thousand)/semester/person.

Tuition ranges from €1,500 (one thousand five hundred) to €5,000 (five thousand)/semester/person depending on the applicant’s qualification and the country of origin (EU or non-EU countries). Applicants from Non-EU countries are required to pay the fee for the first two semesters after the successful admission exam. The tuition includes the costs of all teaching materials. Successful applicants may be considered for PADME or National/State scholarships, the latter for Hungarian citizens pursuing an academic career. In the first semester (after  the successful admission), PADME scholarships are net HUF 1.8 million. In the successive semesters of the curriculum, scholarships are performance based. Students can get scholarships in the following categories:  net HUF 1.8 million, net HUF 1.2 million, net HUF 600.000 (about € 5,600, € 3,700, € 1,800, respectively) for the semester.  After the successful comprehensive examination students get net HUF 1.8 million. Research activities (conference presentations and publications) are also generously supported.
Those Hungarian citizens, who are interested in pursuing an academic career may also be considered for state scholarships.

Inquiries about the program should be directed to the email address and telephone numbers below.

Web:; Email.:

Tel.: +36-96-613-789 ext. 3789, +36-96-613-795 ext. 3200, +36-96-503-400 ext. 3831.

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