On the 29th of January and the 1st of February, members of SzEEDSM doctoral program, Katalin Darabos, Zoltán Dobra, and Gabriella Tóth-Haász had the opportunity to present their research topics to BSc students who are taking part in the dual education of the Central Bank of Hungary and the Neumann János University. Our students shared their individual research work and talked about their progress and future plans in the SzEEDSM program and after that the students had the opportunity to gain interest in the doctoral program and ask questions about the research topics of our doctoral students.

Katalin Darabos:
“My presentation had a brief overview of the Doctoral Program I attend, and the possibilities it can offer, and a detailed overview of my research – background, justification of the subject, research methods and results so far. The presentation at Eiffel Palace on 01 February lasted about one and a half hour and students had the opportunity to gain interest in the program or in my research topic.”

Zoltán Dobra:
“In my presentation I showed a quick overview of the Phd Program and how this knowledge can be applied at a multinational company. As my research topic is about the Human side of the Industry 4.0 in the second part in my presentation I showed an overview of my topic, including the research question, literature review, application example, first research result and applied model.”

Gabriella Tóth-Haász
“The title of my presentation was Decision support by a Knowledge-Based Expert System. First I presented my research field, the Behavioural economics with the most interesting thoughts of its gurus, and I introduced the transdisciplinary problem-solving approach. In order to help understand the two practical examples which were demonstrated in details at the last part of my presentation, I defined for the audience what the smart decisions mean and how their process happens. Meanwhile I gave explanation of some special relevant terms as Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Engineering as well.”


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