Széchenyi István University’s Doctoral School of Regional Sciences and Business

Administration launched its new Doctoral Program in Management (SzEEDSM) with a workshop in Győr on September 23, 2016. The program was organized and run in cooperation and with financial support of the Pallas Athena Domus Animae Foundation (PADA). Besides providing financial support the foundation also contributed to planning the program’s transdisciplinary curriculum and recruiting internationally, well-renowned scholars. SzEEDSM is the first management PhD program in English in Hungary.

At the workshop, moderated by Prof. Gyula Vastag (Program Director of SzEEDSM), opening remarks were given by Prof. Péter Földesi (Rector of Széchenyi István University), Prof. János Rechnitzer (Director of the Doctoral School of Regional Sciences and Business Administration), and Dr. Zoltán Dubéczi (Director of Educational Programs of the Hungarian National Bank). Mr Dubéczi stressed that the National Bank has already started several programs in higher education in Hungary and is glad to recognize a new partner in Széchenyi University, which is one of the most modern and innovative universities in the country.
In his introduction, Gyula Vastag emphasized that the program would be both rigorous (meeting accepted international standards) and relevant (by providing knowledge that is up to date and useful not just in academic circles but in professional fields as well).
The program has two specializations. Besides the internationally standard Management Specialization concentrating primarily on supply chain management and operations control SzEEDSM also offers a Transdisciplinary Specialization aiming to provide doctoral students with a tool kit that helps them to tackle real life management problems in their careers. In line with this goal the program has been designed with the possibility to be completed while maintaining a full time professional career.
After the introductory speeches, in the academic segment, students were given presentations on international perspectives by Professors Krishna Dhir (University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA), Markku Kuula (School of Business, Aalto University, Finland) and Sukran N. Atadeniz (School of Business, Yeditepe University, Turkey). Company representatives outlined practice opportunities for PhD candidates. Speakers included Ms. Olívia Schubert (Head of Educational and Academic Cooperation, Audi Hungária Kft), Mr. György Iván (Managing Director, Hoedlmayr Logistics), and Mr. Bálint Major (Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers).
In the afternoon candidates were divided into sections and presented their research plans to professors from Hungarian and foreign management institutions. Each research outline was critiqued by three professors and the presenters were given a written evaluation as well.
The workshop was closed after the newly accepted candidates signed the SzEEDSM Code of Ethics.

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