Professor László Komlósi, the program director of the Doctoral Program shared some pieces of information concerning the current situation with the management of Bölcsvár in Budapest.

The SzEEDSM Doctoral Program has successfully switched to online education in response to the state of emergency situation due to the coronavirus epidemic. In this situation, both faculty and students were able to switch quickly and efficiently by working together in a flexible manner.

The technical conditions were given, as the specialty of the Transdisciplinary Program is that in many cases, even under normal circumstances, there is continuous online contact and cooperation with our renowned international and domestic professors. The completion of the semester courses, the setting of deadlines and the course of the evaluations are uninterrupted. The academic progress of our students is still secured.

The latest regulations issued by rector and chancellor largely take into account the interests of students and have allowed for significant easing of deadlines. These include the possibility of holding preliminary defenses and admission interviews online and extending the exam period. The comprehensive exams due at the end of the semester will take place as planned, they are being prepared with the usual disciplined routine.

It can be claimed that we have enriched our educational practices with the experience of distance learning and, at the same time, we are convinced that the benefits of personal meetings (contact hours, events, internal conferences, student-teacher club meetings) within the framework of the program will be essential in the future, as they generate long-term joint research activities for students with faculty and professional contributors.

László Imre Komlósi
Director of the Doctoral Program

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